Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Oliver Jeffers

Coffee Ring 1

Coffee Ring 2

Coffee Ring 3

Coffee Ring 4

'Whatever their dreams, help them get there'
Advertising campaign for the Irish Times.

Places that begin with B (painted on a suitcase)

Snowden's Secret, Part 2

Snowden's Secret, Part 1

BP Portrait 2009

Mother, by William Wright

Francis, by Mieke Teirlinck

Broken Heart, Donald McDonald

Debs, by Matt Batt

Grandmother, by SACRIS

Self Portrait, Daniel González Coves

Iris, by Clare Drummond

Imagine, by Jose Luis Corella

Lindsey, by Peter Jameson

Tom, by Michael Gaskell

Changeling, Peter Monkman

Georgie, byMary-Jane Ansell